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This article was published on Sunday 24 April, 2016.

Has the time come to change your car?

A lot of statistics and numbers relating to the cars and vehicles markets in Cyprus have been recently publicized. Let us have a quick glimpse at what they are and attempt to interpret what they may be indicating.

Motor vehicle registrations soared by 28% over the year earlier According to the Statistical Service, Cystat, in the first three months of 2016 motor vehicle registrations soared by 28% when compared to the same period in 2015. More specifically, from 5,840 vehicles in the same period of 2015, total registrations reached 7,475 in January-March 2016.

Besides the category of road tractors that saw a decline of 18,2%, all the rest categories saw an increase, with the passenger saloon cars category dominating, through a  rise of 25.9% in total registrations; to 6,394 from 5,080 in January-March 2015. 

 Registrations of goods conveyance vehicles, light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, mopeds of less than 50 cc and mechanised cycles (more than 50 cc) have all also increased, but their real numbers are much lower than those of passenger saloons.

Interestingly enough, within the total number of new saloon registrations, 3,254 vehicles or 50.9% were new and 3,140 (49.1%) were used cars. This is perhaps in line, with another figure that was announced recently: according to a survey by the European Transport Safety Council, in 2012, 45.9% of cars on Cyprus’ roads were more than 10 years old, whilst a further 35% were between five and 10 years old.

The country’s representative on the Council of the Road Safety program PIN, pointed out that “The economic crisis that occurred in Europe in 2008, resulted in a slowdown in the renewing of car fleets with newer and safer vehicles by 24% by 2013.”

Apparently, new cars purchased in Cyprus during 2013 accounted for merely 1.5% of registered cars, a figure which was well below the 4.8% average across the EU.  However, the safety standards of the new cars with regards to passenger and pedestrian safety were above the EU average.

Morphakis noted that the decline in the modernisation of cars in Cyprus is causing delays in introducing newer and safer cars on Cyprus’ roads, and is of the opinion that the state

In view of the fact that the European Transport Safety Council has advised member states to introduce tax incentives for the purchase of cars, governments of member states to purchase or rent cars rated five stars on the Euro NCAP, and encouraging insurance companies to consider vehicle security features in determining premiums, the Cypriot representative, expressed the view that the Cypriot government should re-introduce a programme to retire old cars, similar to the one which was successfully implemented a few years ago, because newer and safer cars need to be introduced on Cyprus’ roads without further delays.

So, if people have started buying more cars than last year and older cars may be missing out on road safety, then maybe it is time for you as well to consider buying a new car. And even if you cannot afford a brand new one, then how about simply a newer than the one you have? is packed with such deals, of second hand cars, in mint condition and at very affordable prices, so don’t hesitate any further, start searching for that newer car right now!

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